Monday, April 13, 2020

To Everyone Getting a Stimulus Check

This is not the Federal Government saying “WooHoo! Free Money”. This money is to help you pay your bills and put food on your table.

But like everything free there’s always a string attached.

This is a word to the wise:

1. To Tenants: If the government says you don’t have to pay your rent and there’s a ban on evictions, you better do whatever you can to pay your rent. There will be major repercussions when eviction bans are lifted. Don’t think you’ll get a free ride out of this. PAY YOUR RENT! Your landlord has bills to pay too.

2. To Homeowners: If the government tells banks to stop mortgage payments, DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO PAY YOUR MORTGAGE!. Some lenders are saying you don’t have to pay for 3 months, but on the 4th month, all four payments are due in full. Do not take a chance and not pay. Major foreclosures will come from all this. The banks didn’t help homeowners in 2008-2009 and in 2020, it’s still the same. Pay your mortgage.

3. If the utility company suspends payments, you better pay any amount you can! They are like banks, they will want their money eventually and when all this clears up, you’ll owe an exuberant bill and still won’t have any utilities. Pay whatever you can.

4. If you get a government stimulus check, this check is to help pay your bills. That means you pay your rent, your mortgage, your utilities, your insurance, your car payment, your bills. This is not for frivolous spending.

5. The real problem is, many who will get the stimulus check....won’t pay their bills then will be crying and wailing saying “They evicted me. They cut off my power, they repossessed my car...” All while you’re broke and carrying that empty purse you bought with your stimulus check. Right!! Its not a free for all people think wisely! PAY YOUR BILLS!!!!
There’s always FREE cheese 🧀 in a mouse 🐁 trap!

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