Saturday, May 2, 2020

New Modular Factory to Open in Northern California

A 200,000 square feet Volumetric Modular Facility will break ground this summer in Anderson. US-Offsite, located in the town of Anderson in northern CA, sees it as the perfect place to lead the West Coast industry boom and craftsman revival.

US-Offsite announced its plans to build and have the new facility operational sometime in 2021 and seeks to employ around 200 employees.

 US-Offsite management said they will merge technology, engineering, construction, and manufacturing practices to produce modules quickly and efficiently.

The new controlled environment factory allows both commercial and residential multifamily buildings, up to 5 stories, to be built and then shipped to West Coast project sites, where the fully furnished ‘modules’ will be assembled at the job site. No single family homes are planned to be built at this time.

Exteriors are completed onsite. Projects include multifamily, senior living, hotels, commercial, student housing, disaster relief housing from Seattle to San Diego.

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