Saturday, July 18, 2020

A Message from the Netherlands About Modular Construction Improvement

In the Netherlands modular building is picking up speed and things ahead are looking good.

Not only for student housing, hotels, social housing and so on, but also in a growing part of the more conceptual solutions of more traditional methods/company’s

New companies are emerging and existing company’s shape up and are investing in conceptual designs, production facilities and most important, in communication. Not only with their own clients, but also within their own company and into the entire chain involved.

Working in this industry from the early 90’s I really enjoy witnessing and participate in these fundamental changes in the Dutch market. 

Next important steps will be to make a real change regarding safety, quality and servicing clients.

In my view this requires a firm change in the way responsibilities are secured by one party, so the client can rely on the party they bought his product/services, without delay and especially without parties trying to shift the blame to the next one in line.

For this a significant step can be achieved by looking at other industries, for securing quality and responsibly to the suppliers (OEM).  

From my perspective these steps are underway. In our Parliament regulation to secure this is being prepared. And of course, this encounters some reluctance from more traditional minds. This is only normal also necessary to achieve the best by exchanging arguments and learns from each other and from best practices.  

And, looking at the Dutch building industry with still a too high percentages of mistakes and accidents, change is not only nice to have but fundamental essential for the market and to survive as a company.

Looking at industrial processes, from the first steps in the design to the final handing over the product and may be even further, far into the process of owning/using, there can be no argument not to change.

Looking to our market, not only the above is happening, but also a fundamental change of use of energy and materials. Not only in the design and production stages, but more and more integral into using the product.

Combined with a huge demand for houses over the next years, changes are just beginning!

Please feel free to comment and/or ask questions.

The Netherlands

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