Tuesday, July 14, 2020

CHECK IT OUT! A Website Dedicated to Helping Consultants Find Clients

Hi, Gary Fleisher, the Modcoach here.  I would like to introduce you to something new and exciting.  It's called ModcoachConnects.  This will allow consultants in the offsite construction industry to gain clients with NO Fee owed!

Connect with me now and watch for future announcements about this new service scheduled to launch in late August. It will have a guaranteed target audience of thousands of offsite construction professionals every week because it is part of ModcoachNews, the most widely read blog on offsite modular housing around the world.

There is so much more for you than just getting your name out to the people looking for your services, I will also be posting articles you’ve written with links to your website or email address.

Connect now and I’ll send you more info about how easy it is to join ModcoachConnects.

1 comment:

Bill Murray said...

Gary what a great idea! Having done consulting/advisory work for the past several years I have been told repeatedly by those wanting to learn more about the industry, or start ups, that they have no way of finding knowledgable industry experienced advisors. If I understand your new initiative correctly this should go a long way in solving that dilemma. Good idea…..sign me up.