Friday, July 24, 2020

Google Set to Fund a Second Modular Factory OS

Google is getting ready to help fund a second factory for modular housing builder Factory OS.

The new facility will allow the Vallejo-based company to double its home production in the coming years, drumming up “tens of thousands” of new prefabricated homes in the region, according to Google.

Modular housing is built in factories, then transported and assembled on-site. The process can “greatly increase the Bay Area’s housing supply,” according to Rebecca Prozan, Google’s lead Bay Area housing policy manager.

“It’s faster and less expensive than conventional construction, two characteristics that are often unheard of in California’s housing industry,” she said Thursday in a blog post.

Factory OS plans to build about 700 units that will rise in Oakland and San Francisco early next year, according to Google’s announcement Thursday.

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