Sunday, August 30, 2020

ModcoachConnects Offers an Easier Way to Find Off-Site Construction Consultants

If you have ever tried to find the right consultant to help with an Off-Site construction situation, you know what a tough task it can be.

Maybe you know someone that used a consultant that knew a factory owner that hired a consultant that just might be what you’re seeking. You would have better odds of becoming a Lottery millionaire than using that method.

Modcoach Connects is just about ready to launch.

It will offer Clients looking for the right consultant a more focused method.

Starting with the type of Off-Site construction, the Client can see all the consultants working in that type. The Client can then use the Directory of "Types of Consulting" to narrow the search to exactly what is needed and see all the consultants that work in that field.

Neither the Client nor the Consultant pay Modcoach Connects any fee for this service.

Consultants will pay a small monthly advertising however (based on 6 months or 12 months).


Visit ModcoachConnects and sign up for a notice of the launch date. It will be very soon. I know you want it today but we want to make sure everything is working properly.

We will not launch ModcoachConnects before its time!

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