Saturday, August 22, 2020

The History of Prefabricated Construction

Most people I talk to about prefabricated or modular construction think it a relatively new way to build things but it has been around for centuries.

Entire modular houses were shipped from the East Coast to the California for the 1849 Gold Rush, years before the Civil War.

For something that's been around for more than two centuries, you would think everyone would know by now that prefabricated structures like modular and panelized are a better way to build something than building it stick by stick on the jobsite in rain, snow and baking sun but no, many people think prefabricated structures aren't as good as site-built.

Watch this video and learn the history of our industry.


JC said...

No works the video

Coach said...


The video only works in full website mode, not on a cell phone unless you switch to website version on your phone.
It's a great video.