Friday, August 14, 2020

“Work From Home” People Adding “Play From Home” Rooms

COVID-19 keeps changing how we work from home. First businesses told their employees that could work from home to do just that. Many dining rooms and spare bedrooms became employee’s new offices away from the workplace.

Architects and builders were soon being asked to add ‘work from home’ rooms to new homes and many of the country’s top tract builders began creating dedicated office space in their new floor plans.

I learned from a NJ builder that he has been asked to soundproof the office space in a new home he is building along with an exterior door and security system. 

He also mentioned that people are asking for floorplans with an In-Law suite so the new homeowners can have their children’s Grandparent(s) close by for babysitting/online schooling duties during ‘working hours’.

Now the “Going to the Gym” crowd has gotten the COVID-19 shelter at home bug by wanting no part of going to a gym with commonly used equipment and sweating gym mates.

And a treadmill in the bedroom isn’t the answer for these exercise aficionados. They want multiple stations with several machines, free weight areas and even yoga mats. Some even want a sauna or bathroom with a shower as part of their new “Home Gym”.

And these are not cheap with gym equipment easily topping $14,000 for the good stuff. 

Here’s a suggestion for ADU factories. Build a Home Office and Gym combo. It could far surpass the demand for Granny Pods and typical ADU modules.

Gary Fleisher is a housing veteran, editor/writer of the, blogs and the ‘coming soon’, Construction Consultant’s Directory. 


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