Friday, September 4, 2020

Australia’s Converted Shed Industry Gaining Popularity

 What is a liveable shed and are they popular?

Sometimes referred to as a shed house (shouse) or shed home (shome), the rustic charm of portal frame shed living/lifestyle are popular as a flexible alternative to conventional builds for:

  • Teenager’s Retreats

  • Man Caves

  • Granny Flats

  • Kids Playrooms

  • Home Offices

  • Additional or alternative accommodation while building a home

  • They can be repurposed as sheds into homes or just built from scratch.

Sheds converted to homes

1. A more cost-effective approach

While an average house costs $100K Australian, a shed house can be built for prices ranging from only $10K to $15K.

2. A less time-consuming project

Because they’re smaller, tiny shed homes take way less time to build. Rather than the thousands of hours required for a normal house, it’s possible to construct a shed home in only hundreds of hours, especially if you start with a prefab shed or cabin. 

3. A lower skill requirement

If you’re a DIY (do-it-yourself) type of person, creating your own living space from a storage shed is a great idea. It is less involved than building a regular-sized home. The feeling of accomplishment, though, is just as great!

4. A less taxing legal avenue

Permits, taxes, bills, and unwanted expenses pester even the most affluent homeowner. On the other hand, shed houses are virtually free aside from minimal maintenance and the initial building cost.*

5. A great living-space addition

Whether you need a guest room, additional living space, a getaway space or you're just interested in shed conversions, a finished shed house fits the bill perfectly. Rather than spending lots of money to add to your house (and dealing with any red tape your local municipality adds to the process), try a simple shed home.

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