Monday, September 7, 2020

The Continuing Spread of Misinformation about Modular Homes

There are Facebook groups devoted to every subject you can think of and modular housing is no exception. One such group does its best to present real modular homes but two things keep popping up.

First are people showing pictures of their new HUD manufactured homes calling them modular probably because that’s what the double wide street dealer salesperson called it.

The other thing that keeps showing up are the totally uninformed and/or misleading comments about modular housing.

I usually just read them and wonder why after all the years that modular houses built to IRC standards, the same ones used by site builders, are lumped together with manufactured homes built to HUD standards.

There are many great looking and well built HUD manufactured homes out there to choose from but for the most part if you decide on buying one, you may have to place it on a rented lot in a manufactured housing community or on a country lot where it may be allowed.

Occasionally I have tried to explain the difference to a the person but within minutes a “Karen” shows up telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m surprised none of those “Karens” have asked to talk to my manager!

Here are just a few of the comments that show up on an almost daily basis:

This first one is an example of miscommunication and understanding:


I’m looking for a modular home in southeast Ohio. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Clayton Homes of Buckhannon WV. covers a large area. I live in Southwestern PA, and they are almost 2 hours away they did everything for us!

Here is a comment from someone who’s salesperson obviously lied to them:


“We finally purchased a modular home back in April. I'd like to paint my daughters room but im not sure if it's the typical material they use in mobile and manufactured homes for walls. It has those strips to connect the wall portions and has a design on it already, like an aged marble look.”

This was a real concern for this person:


Ranch versus 2 stories!

Give me all the pros and cons to each!!

Here was a real reply:

I could go on and on but as long as there is no authoritative voice telling people on these Facebook groups about real IRC modular homes, they will continue to get mixed messages from other uninformed group members and the manufactured housing industry people.

If you build IRC modular homes, you need to join these Facebook groups and tell your story and you can get some free promotion for your company as well.


Anonymous said...

I am so tired of people calling me for an appointment and when they show up they want me to price against a manufactured house. By the time I explain the difference, they can't afford a real house. All they can afford is a double wide from the Fleetwood dealer down the road.

Cynthia Conner said...

I know exactly what group you are talking about. I mentioned it to the owner of the group that these homes were not "modular" and he politely told me to scroll on by if I didn't like it. It just adds more confusion for the homeowners and buyers.