Sunday, September 20, 2020

Where is Construction Headed After the Election?

Elections are important, but they're a poor basis for investment decisions and in this political season, investment experts are offering plenty of advice and conjecture about the presidential election.

They say the stock market is likely to be volatile as candidates rise and fall in the polls over the next six weeks. They advise that a win by Joe Biden might be good for alternative energy stocks and the construction sector, while Donald Trump’s reelection could benefit banks and oil companies.

Here’s what you should do with all that advice: Ignore it.

Yes, the economy will be affected by the next president’s policies, but it also will be pushed and pulled by myriad other forces, including technology, world events, natural disasters and, most importantly right now, the coronavirus pandemic.

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Kevin said...

Gary, I agree with you as forecasting political "what if's" is perception developing facts instead of allowing facts to evolve into reality.

I am no expert so take this for what its worth. As a government mass appraiser for 35 years we recognized the largest changes in construction when jobs declined which increased foreclosures and drove value down. Lumber cost, tariffs, and the whims of the government have impacts as do other facts that you mentioned.

Change is inevitable and misery is optional, accept the change and find methods and means around those obstacle courses as much as possible.

Good Luck on the course. As always, thank you for allowing me to comment.