Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Why One Architecture Firm is Looking at Planes to Construct Buildings of the Future

The way buildings are designed is backward, and a team of architects, car designers, and aerospace engineers wants to turn it around.

“In a traditional design process, whether it’s modular, prefabricated, or traditional construction, an architect designs something and then everyone has to figure out how they’re going to make it,” says architect Chris Sharples. This makes projects expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes nearly impossible to actually get built. The process, he says, should be switched around so that how it will be built determines how it gets designed. “That’s how you build an airplane. That’s how you build a car. You don’t figure it out after you’ve designed it. The design process takes its lead from the manufacturing process.”

It’s this manufacturing-based approach that Sharples wants to bring to the world of architecture. That’s why he and his architect brother and twin, Bill, have launched Assembly, a new company that is streamlining the development of high-rise apartment buildings to be as efficient as building an airplane. By breaking down building designs into a series of components that get manufactured and assembled together, they say the time it takes to construct a building can be cut in half, making it faster and easier to meet the need for urban housing in cities around the world.

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