Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Why Simply Specifying a Roof Snow Load Isn’t Enough

With Winter just around the corner, snow will once again pose a problem for homeowners in many parts of the country. Building new modular homes to withstand the challenges of snow is more than just strengthening the roof.

This article from Simpson-Strongtie’s blog talks about how simply calculating snow load is not quite enough. You need a team approach.

As with any team sport, the importance of close teamwork also applies to a project involving metal-plate-connected wood trusses – for the best outcome, the whole team needs to be on the same page. 

For purposes of this blog post, the team includes the Building Designer, the Truss Designer and the Building Official, and the desired outcome is not a win per se, but rather properly loaded trusses. Snow loading on trusses is one area where things may not always go according to the game plan when everyone isn’t in accord. 

This post will explain how to avoid some common miscommunications about truss loading.

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