Monday, October 12, 2020

Britain’s Fire Minister Calls for Modular Industry to Solve Housing’s Safety Problems

The British government minister responsible for building safety has called for the widespread use of modular construction to fix the housing industry’s fire safety problems.

Stephen Greenhalgh, who also holds the role of fire minister at the home office, said the approach was needed to end the “despicable practices” exposed in the inquiry into the 2017 Grenfell fire.

“So let’s pioneer design for manufacture and assembly so that it’s like putting a mechanoid kit together and you know that all the parts that you use are safe as opposed to trying to make it up as though we’ve never built a building before.”

He said: “We need a fundamental professionalization of building control and being able to have a much greater knowledge about design and construction to sign things off as safe. We’ve seen construction cutting corners and despicable practices through the Grenfell inquiry and the drive for profit over safety.”

But Nicholas Boys Smith, Create Streets founder and the newly appointed leader of the government’s new housing design quango, told the panel that modular was “struggling to take off” because of the dominance of major housebuilders in the housing industry.

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