Saturday, October 17, 2020

Florida Tiny House Factory Coming to Punta Gorda

A start up company says it plans to build a modular home factory near the Punta Gorda Airport and produce affordable homes by March.

Darzac, no website found, is based on the names of the two owners, construction contractor Matt Zacharias and structural engineer Steve Darby. The company is currently based in Cape Coral.

Their plan is to build very small, affordable modular homes that will cost between $87,500 and $125,500, said Marketing Director Jennifer Castriotta.

The home options are one or two bedrooms with a shower style bathroom and a front porch, Key West style. Floors would be vinyl plank and the outer siding will be stucco flex. Roofs are metal. The building comes with wiring, plumbing, appliances and granite countertops, and walls for the foundation.

Left for the buyers is the cost of the lot, preparing the lot, electrical connections, building a septic system if there is no sewer line, drilling a well if there is no water line, or hooking up to water and sewer, among other things.

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Unknown said...

Interesting. Similar to this FL shed company:
"Most cottages price out in the $200- 225 per sf range"