Saturday, October 10, 2020

Modcoach Hopefully Finds Solution to Squirrel Problem at the MHBA Annual Meeting

Imagine my surprise when I walk into the Modular Home Builder Association Annual Meeting and see Steve Padgett from DAP standing there and greeting me "In Person". All conferences for the modular industry has been virtual since March and seeing friends in person was a real treat at this live conference in Harrisburg, PA.

After bringing each other up to date on what is happening in our own worlds, I spied a can of Barrier foam insulation spray at his event sponsorship display that helps control pests from entering homes. It has a picture of a mouse on the front and when I asked if would keep squirrels out of my attic he told me I could be the first person to test it for them. 

For builders looking for a great foam insulation that is an All Season, H2O, Draft and PEST barrier, check out the info from DAP below:

DAP Barrier Multi-Project Ready-to-Use Foam is proven to offer complete 4X protection for homes while offering more projects per can and less waste. Barrier’s ultra-durable, high-density, all seasons formula blocks drafts, water, fire and pests. And Barrier is specially formulated for all sealing projects including small & large gaps, windows & doors (meets AAMA-812), pest entry points and fire blocking penetriations. Barrier is bright white in color and is available in a 12oz aerosol with reuse adapter and two straws.

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