Sunday, October 11, 2020

More Off-Site Construction Job Openings for October

 The Modular Construction industry is not slowing down and that means more job openings for those looking for a career change.

Robert Sage Careers, LLC. just sent over their latest job listings for October.

  • Modular/P.E. Plans Reviewer/Work Remotely 
  • Modular/QC Assistant/West
  • Modular/P.E./EIT/MEP Engineer/Structural/Work Remotely
  • Modular/Business Development/N.E.
  • Modular/Plant/Production/Midwest
  • Modular/Area Sales Manager/N.E.
  • Modular/Project Manager/S.W.
  • Modular/DSM Sales Manager/West
  • Modular/Conventional/Senior PM/
  • Modular/Production Operations/Midwest
  • Modular/GM 3D Wood/S.E.
  • Modular/Plant Production Operations/S.E.
  • Modular/QC Manager/S.E.
  • Modular/Assistant Production Manager/S.E.
  • Modular/Training and Safety Manager/S.E.
  • Modular/Procurement Manager/S.E.
  • Modular/Area Sales Manager/N.E.

Robert Sage Careers, LLC., has “matched quality with quality” for over 50 years. For more information on the positions showcased here, please contact Cindy K. Newberry, Robert Sage Career’s Commercial Division Manager, or Cathy Sage at (863) 662-4185. Or contact us via email. Please send resumes or inquiries to or

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