Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Reporters Desperately Need Educated About Modular Construction

When a reporter writes about modular construction being the best way to make housing affordable, you would think they would look into exactly what a modular home is before writing their article.

That seems to be lost on a lot of them. They are not only confused about the differences between manufactured housing (HUD) and modular housing (IRC), they actually lump them together when they write their articles.

Imagine opening your Yahoo! Finance email and finding an article with the headline “Modular construction will make homes affordable” written by a misinformed reporter telling Yahoo! readers that: 

“Because modular construction can cost 20-30% less and speed up construction timelines by 50%, the industry has grown over 34% since 2015, according to Census data.”

Take a couple of minutes and read this article written for Yahoo! Finance by Sarah Paynter today. Maybe she will want to write a retraction and do an article about real IRC modular housing which isn’t manufactured housing.

CLICK HERE read the entire Yahoo! Finance article


Bill Hart said...

My first employer was a certain R H Fink. R H was also a self taught semi-rural marketing genius of a sort; as a result he ultimately become a quite wealthy local business man.

His reaction might have been: Well Bill, every knock is a boost; at least we got some free ink! So, here is another avenue open to us right now! Lets piggy back the quote in.. our.. own press relapse to the papers while its fresh and then call your friend at xxx-TV and that other radio guy.

Anonymous said...

I read an article last week from a writer for a Florida newspaper. I sent back a few questions and it became obvious that this person probably had not done much research. The problem is that others reading the article will not know that, and of course, if it is in the newspaper, print, or on the internet, it must be true.