Monday, October 19, 2020

The Essential Book of Modular Housing

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the modular construction industry or simply a prospective new home buyer investigating modular home construction, there is one book that should be on your reading list.

In 2003, Andy Giannino published “The Modular Home”. Not only does it explain just about every aspect of the process of how to design, build, set and finish a modular home, it is very well illustrated with details you really need to know.

Andy is the owner of The Home Store, one of the largest modular home builders in the New England area of the US.

For the modular home builder it is a great reference guide on the process of modular construction that will be referred to often in your career.

For the new home buyer looking into modular, it explains so many things that builders never tell you. Both on-site and off-site home builders will find a wealth of information about building a new home.

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