Friday, October 2, 2020

Thousands Begin Entering the Construction Consulting Business

Construction Consultants come with a wide variety of expertise. While some consultants have been helping off-site construction company owners and management for years, there are thousands of new experts entering the market looking for a share of that market.

The newest group of experts to enter the consulting business bring with them some expertise in fields not even on the radar just 10 years ago. They honed their skills working with BIM, 3D and Augmented Reality, automated production and robotics, all fields that are needed if off-site construction is to grow to meet the goals everyone is setting for it.

But finding clients, especially if the person is new to consulting, can be the biggest challenge of all. There are literally over 1.5 million construction consultants on LinkedIn alone and that’s not counting those that have recently been laid off and working from home or the newly retired executive or techie looking into the consulting business.

Getting noticed among all those new or established consultants is like trying to stand out as the shiny new needle in a mountain of shiny needles.

Modcoach Connects is the new website dedicated to helping potential clients find and hire consultants. Think of it as a dating service for consultants and clients.

Modcoach Connects is free for the client looking for a consultant in a specific area of off-site construction like ‘modular’, ‘ADU’, ‘Commercial’, etc.

It is Free for clients to sign up and begin looking through the list of consultants that best meets their needs.

There is no commission charged when a consultant signs a contract with their client. In fact, Modcoach Connects is not involved in any communication between client and consultant.

There is a small monthly fee for the consultant, payable in 6 or 12 month increments, for being listed on the site. Consultants will get a spot in whatever type of construction and field of expertise they want AND a full resume area where they can give the client a more complete overview of their expertise.

Modcoach Connects, part of the Modcoach Network, is the only place where a consultant’s shiny needle will stand out from all the other needles.

Check us out at and be that shiny needle a potential client has been looking for!

Contact Gary Fleisher at for more information.

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