Friday, October 23, 2020

US Modular Home Factories at Capacity Despite Coronavirus

On Wednesday I visited the Excel Modular Homes factory in Liverpool, PA. It's the first personal visit I've made to any modular home factory in many months. I will be visiting more modular home factories over the Winter to share what I see happening within our industry.

This is just one example of the amount of new homes being produced by modular factories across the US and it's beginning to look like 2020/21 could be record setting years for the modular housing industry.

Almost every home leaving this plant is custom. Some started as modified standard floor plans offered by Excel to their builders but a lot of them are ideas directly from the home owners to the builder, just proving that modular housing can deliver just about whatever you dream of building.

Here a couple of videos of the tremendous amount of teamwork and organization needed to produce 3 or more homes a week from one assembly line. 

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