Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Another Shipment of Modcoach Modular Carriers on the Way

A couple of years ago I was asked where a factory could buy good module carriers that were better than the HUD carriers just about everyone uses.

Notice the extended outriggers

I didn’t realize just how deficient those HUD carriers, intended for one time use, were when hauling IRC modules from the factory to the builder’s customer lot. Those HUD carriers, converted to be used to haul modules, have no VIN# or DOT Safety Inspections.

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After finding a fabricator that will build what every modular factory should be using to transport their module to their customer, I helped design a new line of modular carriers called the MC100.

One of the new problems facing the modular factories are builders not wanting all the 'ship loose' material delivered on a separate carrier, opting instead to have it shipped inside the house modules which adds a tremendous amount of weight on those HUD axles and tires that were never designed for those loads.

Here are some pictures of the latest MC 100 modular carriers ready for shipment. Upgrades are the key to help design the carrier that is just right for your factory’s needs.

I also arranged a full leasing program for my MC 100 carrier line to make it much easier to increase your carrier fleet without having a large upfront investment. 

For more information about my line of carriers and my leasing program, email me at modcoach@gmail.com

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