Thursday, November 5, 2020

Anticipating Pain Can be Worse Than the Pain Itself

Have you ever injured your foot or hand and even after the event you catch yourself thinking about how much it will hurt before you actually use it?

That’s the situation modular housing is finding itself in after the election this year. It’s anticipating the pain of not knowing where housing is headed under either party’s candidate winning the election.

The anticipated pain found in the older, more established modular factories, those that have been operating more than a decade, is wondering if interest rates and customer demand for standard and custom single family housing will continue at its current rate? Most of these factories are single plant operations and the thought of anything happening to change the current situation has them more than a little worried what the pain will feel like.

Most of them weathered the housing crisis of 2008 but this is different. Will there be pain or not? Not a good position to be in when planning for the future.

Factories that opened within the last 10 years are quite different from their older siblings. Most tend to be very well funded with most of them building projects like affordable housing, dormitories and for their own developments.

These folks are taking things in stride or so it seems and that’s the good news. The bad news is none of them has ever had to deal with a major downturn in production caused by a recession. And few, if any, think the bubble will ever burst again like 2008. 

Brace yourselves young bucks! A recession, either mild or wild, has always been part of housing’s history. It doesn’t matter who is ultimately declared the winner in this year’s Presidential election, someone in our industry will feel real pain while the rest will be anticipating it and hopefully planning how to manage through it.

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