Monday, November 30, 2020

New Habitat for Humanity Village Using Modular Construction

After months of being slowed down by the pandemic, Habitat for Humanity of Hagerstown, MD, where I live, came back strong with a tribute to a late member of their team. 

In a collaboration with family-owned business Corey’s Construction, Habitat for Humanity was able to install a modular home as the first house in their new project.

“I felt it was important that we do something for our community,” said John Green, co-owner of Corey’s Construction. “And I had worked with Habitat prior to that, helping them on a couple of things, and then I was invited to join them.”

John Green, who is also a board member for Habitat for Humanity, is very familiar with Habitat for Humanity and was excited to make the dream of the former executive director Sherry Cooper come true.

“This first strip — these lots, one through six — here at the McLeary development will be named in her honor, and she had envisioned to have a habitat village,” said Jenny Fleming, executive director of Habitat for Humanity. Cooper passed away in the summer of 2020 and was unable to see the project begin.

Six homes are scheduled to be built in Hagerstown. The project will take several years to complete, but Habitat for Humanity’s board is optimistic about the progress they can make before next year.

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