Tuesday, November 24, 2020

"Spot" Ready to Fetch Important Information on Construction Projects

Agile mobile robots like Boston Dynamics' Spot can collect limitless quantities of site data, improving existing analysis tools, and enabling teams to focus on action rather than observation.

In Spot’s first year on the market, Boston Dynamics reports it has seen diverse teams in an array of industries put the robot to use. During this time, the company worked closely with hundreds of Spot users to understand their application development workflow: how they attach sensors, analyze data, and integrate the robot into their existing systems. Common obstacles were identified and mapped out an easier path to implementation.

The data collection workflow has been significantly streamlined. Users can capture data manually and autonomously in Autowalk and download it to the tablet’s SD card for easy off-robot use. Common actions and callbacks can be configured on the tablet for quick use during operation.

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