Sunday, December 13, 2020

Arizona Modular Company Manufactures $45,000 ADUs

Due to the easing of restrictions around backyard homes (aka ADUs) Phoenix-based Linked Equipment has created a small, medium, and large affordable home solution: container homes that start at $45,000.

Linked Equipment creates turnkey custom homes out of shipping containers.  Working with design specialists each customer can create a custom living environment that fits their available space and budget.  They can choose the paint color, the number of rooms, which rooms, and even the finishes.

The homeowner verifies locally what they are allowed to build on their property.  Linked Equipment designs, builds, and delivers a custom home that conforms to their local regulations.

“Quality is our differentiator,” says Mark Pike, president of Linked Equipment. “We use better materials, and we do not skip steps when it comes to safety. I would like to think that our buildings are built the same, or better than, most of the commercial buildings we visit.”

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