Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Boxabl Modular Sees Bright Future for Folding Homes

Can a complete modular home be shipped on a standard 8.5-foot wide carrier to the job site and include a full kitchen with appliances and a full bathroom? It can if it's a Boxabl Casita!

Las Vegas-based Boxabl was started in 2017 by Paolo Tiramani, Galiano Tiramani, and Kyle Denman. the Boxabl Casita was introduced in early 2020 and 1,300 people have already put down deposits to join the waitlist for the $50,000 house.

The goal is to create a large manufacturing facility akin to an automotive factory, constantly churning out standardized pieces that can be combined to create customizable buildings.

I toured the Casita at this year's IBS and it looked great. If you are a developer looking to put in a tiny house community, this could be just the right house at the right price for you.

To learn more about Boxabl and their Casita home, contact Galiano Tiramani at gtiramani@boxabl.com 

And be sure to check out this video.

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Anonymous said...

Not exactly a new idea. Blu Homes was folding and shipping 8.5 ft homes 7-8 years ago. They also had all of the windows and doors, appliances and fixtures in them. Looks like a neat product but it’s a redo of Blu’s concept.