Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Multi-Housing News Interviews VBC's Vaughan Buckley

Whenever stackable modular housing is discussed, one name that is sure to come up is Vaughan Buckley of Volumetric Building Cos. His Modular Mobilization Coalition is just one of the things Vaughan brings to the modular construction industry. 

The pandemic economy has accelerated the dire need for affordable housing stock. Creative ideas are circulating, but progress is slow. When it comes to implementation, modular construction is a method that already has a track record in both single-family and multifamily applications. 

Developers are discovering the benefits of the factory-built prefabricated building that’s moved whole to the site and then, upon arrival, is connected to foundations and services.

Multi-Housing News recently caught up with Vaughan Buckley, president of Volumetric Building Cos. based in Philadelphia. The conversation included how to get the most out of modular construction, some pitfalls to avoid and how the sector can help the affordable housing shortage.

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