Monday, December 28, 2020

Yestermorrow School Students Complete "Modular" Home

Producing a new modular home in the classroom is not an easy feat but the instructors at Yestermorrow School in Waitsfield, VT take projects like this in stride. Visiting the school a couple of years ago showed me how dedicated everyone to providing not only the basics of all types of construction but also how hands-on the school is in taking projects from conception to completion.

The latest project was an 850 sq ft house built by student labor using modular construction methods for under $65,000 at the school before loading it on transports and shipping it to its final destination. The house was commissioned by a former Yestermorrow student who had taken the design/build class in the past.

The house was built in two modules. The outside dimension of the living space is 14-by- 38 feet. That piece is attached in an L-shape to a second piece that is 14-by-23 feet. The units are super-insulated with double-wall construction, the walls are R40 in terms of energy efficiency and the ceiling is R60. It has a bathroom with a shower, sink, toilet and an open kitchen/living area.

The main reason the cost was so low was that students provided the labor but building a similar house onsite that might come in between $100,000 to $125,000.

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JC said...

Thanks for this mention Gary...Yestermorrow continues despite Covid considerations. I would only add that the free design contribution from a handful of professional architects teaching the course certainly makes this affordable house look sharp! Many tricks in that project that will travel with the graduates into future homes. Win-win!