Thursday, January 21, 2021

Can the Modular Industry Adapt to a Non-Personal Future?

Remember the good old days when modular factory sales reps were road warriors visiting builders at their offices and job sites? How about modular factory Open Houses that used to attract dozens of families? And how about National and Regional Conventions? 

Or the Modcoach Builder Breakfasts, Roundtables and Boot Camps I used to hold all over the East Coast?

All that has been replaced with impersonal virtual things.

Sometimes I wonder if certain Zoom meetings will ever end. And how about video presentations that last longer than 3 minutes? There are only so many hours in the day and all of these impersonal events are begging you to listen to or watch them live.

Even IBS is going virtual this year and I for one simply don’t care. What a yawn fest that could be! 

I’ve kept track of all the invitations I’ve received just since the first of the year. They include 4 Zoom meetings from companies introducing new products, 7 video conferences, 2 invites to IBS and KBIS, 22 invites to join live video feeds and 2 Facebook requests for video calls.

That’s on top of all the emails that bombard all of us requesting us to join a group on LinkedIn, YouTube or Facebook.

If you’re like everyone else in the modular construction business, you’re super busy right now and finding time to watch even a tenth of these events could mean an hour or more tied up on your computer or phone every day. And that's when guilt that you didn't watch an event begins to creep in.

To be honest, I think every single event is important and should be viewed and discussed. It just boils down to how much time do you have left after putting out fires and routine business to do it.

One of the best things about in-person meetings and Modcoach events is networking on a ‘one to one’ basis with many conversations being held in corners between people that need to work things out. Many people have gotten new jobs at in-person events through networking. Never happens in a Zoom meeting or a Video presentation.

Last year the Modular Home Builders Association was fortunate enough to hold a live conference in Harrisburg, PA. It was wonderful to actually talk with people without a tablet or phone being needed. You were able to make plans, laugh at bad jokes, meet new people and learn what they do in the industry and actually share a meal with friends you hadn’t seen in months. Thanks, Tom Hardiman for being lucky enough to arrange this conference between lockdowns.

I’m not sure if we will ever be able to return to the good old days prior to COVID-19 but I do know that I sure don’t have much time available to watch an hour or longer Zoom or video presentation, much less participate in them.

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Anonymous said...

Even the MH Industry cancelled their show:

Meanwhile, the show goes on elsewhere!

Northern states need to get a clue and open up.