Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Will the US Modular Industry Begin Emulating its European Cousins?

With modular's market share of the US housing starts at 3%+/- year after year, is it time to look at other nations and how they've improved modular's share of the market? Many in the US are already taking a hard look at what Europe is doing.

L&G factory floor

There is no doubt that modular housebuilding is gathering pace but there is still a lot of resistance to this process.

Some think it is a valid solution only for the affordable homes or build-to-rent segments of the market. Many consumers still perceive that quality homes need to be built in a traditional way and would resist the idea that a large luxury home could be built in a factory. There is also the perception that you cannot build an aesthetically pleasing, luxury house using modular construction. The word modular is itself part of the issue, the word offsite is a more neutral word. Offsite comes in many forms—modules, panels, walls, rooms, structures, components—so we can build high quality complex unique buildings using modern methods of construction.

Will the large volume housebuilders change their construction model to an offsite model?

Some large housebuilders have already made a significant investment in building their own manufacturing facilities—so that would suggest that some believe that modular homebuilding is their future.

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