Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Cleveland’s Mini Modular Shopping Center Has Arrived

The BoxSpot, located in an area of Cleveland, OH, not served with many retail shops is now home to seven different businesses each inside 10 shipping containers.

This Tiny Village is bringing new meaning to the term “small business.” Each shop is approximately 200 sq ft. One hundred small entrepreneurs have already reached out to rent space BoxSpot.

The Kandy Kupboard is one of almost 100 retail concepts that reached out to Burten, Bell, Carr Development to rent one of the boxes.

“It just gave me hope for our region that there are all of these businesses out there that are thriving and are ready to take the next step,” said Burten, Bell, Carr Development Executive Director Joy Johnson.

The non-profit built the BoxSpot in response to resident requests.

“The community has said we need more places to shop, more places to get services and to eat in our neighborhood. We shouldn’t have to leave our neighborhood to have these nice experiences,” said Johnson.

In addition to a candy store, other businesses in the BoxSpot include a clothing store, restaurant, optometrist, and hair and nail salons.

The project is funded with $700,000 from the federal Department of Health and Human Services, and an equivalent amount from the Ohio Finance Fund, the Cleveland Foundation and the city of Cleveland.

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