Saturday, February 20, 2021

Custom Modular Housing is Alive and Doing Quite Well

Today’s hot topics in modular construction center around automation, innovation, and uniformity in place of custom, one-off designs. While those topics are important to many modular factories looking to create profits by limiting floorplans and options, there are still many factories, especially on the East Coast of the US that still build true custom homes.

There is a corridor in the US from Maine through New England and extending to the southern region of the East Coast that continue to build not only custom modular homes or “one-offs” for their builders and customers, but they also know how to build those large repetitive projects on the same production lines as the custom home.

Signature Homes, located in Moosic, PA, is one of those East Coast factories that has built many custom homes that rival the craftsmanship of on-site home builders.

The next time someone tells you that the survival of the modular construction industry is to automate, innovate and limit designs simply to get as many modules through the factory as possible, tell them you’ve seen true custom modular homes and projects coming from modular factories and built by the same skilled workers.

An example of a commercial modular project by Signature Building Systems

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