Sunday, February 7, 2021

Explaining the Technical Side of Building a Modular Chalet Home

Building a chalet-style home is never easy. All those custom trapezoid windows, open ceilings, and shear wall calculations could drive any sane builder to drink. 

However, if you are a modular home builder, all those calculations are already done for you by the modular factory's engineering department and get stamped with third-party approval without you spending much time or money on it.

Most builders really don't know the technical stuff that goes into a chalet and when the customer has questions, you don't want to give them that "deer caught in headlights" look.

In this video by Impresa Modular's Ken Semler, explains how to introduce the technical side of a chalet to a customer at a pre-contract signing meeting. I found it quite fascinating.

For more information:  Impresa Modular and Impresa Modular Franchise

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Harris - Finish Werks said...

Ken mentions shear wall calcs out of the gate. I have a concern that the modular industry is not doing prescriptive Brace Walls, right out of IRC. Shear wall designs should occur only in cases where the prescriptive method does/can not apply to a particular portal.

Shear wall calcs are far more expensive and time consuming. They often lead to incredible uplift areas on a home that lead to exotic and expensive hold downs. According to experts at Simpson, shear walls are to be used only as a last resort. This is not happening w/ the 3rd Parties in many cases, and the resulting exorbitant costs are being passed down to builders and their clients.

We have a case on a larger custom home where 26 hold downs were called for. An expert in brace walls removed all of them except 2. It took him 1.5hrs.