Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Most Uninformed Modular Housing Article of 2021

As if there isn't enough misinformation out there about modular housing, Forbes just published an article by a reporter that has left me absolutely convinced the editors of Forbes are still living in 1980.

Here is the article by By Codie Sanchez, founder at Contrarian Thinking for Forbes:

The Future Of Real Estate Is Modular

Amid rising student loan debt and skyrocketing real estate prices, homeownership is the last thing on most young professional's minds. But at Contrarian Thinking, I am always looking for unconventional ways to achieve cashflow. So, I did some digging to find an answer to the question: What if you could buy a home for a third of the price of a traditional house, with rental options that have the potential to outpace your mortgage? 

You would buy your soon-to-be home the same way you would buy a hot tub or a coffee — custom made for you in-shop and ready to be dropped off or picked up. If it sounds like I'm describing a modern-day manufactured home, that's because it basically is one, complete with all the perks of owning a real house, and more.

While a trailer park is probably not the image most developers are going for, these homes aren't your typical house in the slightest. In fact, they're not even homes you would move straight into. They're known as prefabricated homes, and they're the real estate that developers and buyers alike didn't know they needed until now.

Prefabricated homes essentially combine traditional homeownership with technology. They're typically pre-built through various methods such as 3-D printing before being transported to and assembled at a construction site. Modular homes are another form of prefabricated houses that are at least 70% prefabricated. Though they are placed on a permanent foundation, the structure itself is pre-built and created in sections, making it easy to take apart, transport and build. What's more, modern-day fabrication technology has caught up to modern-day design, making prefab homes is often not only cheaper than traditional "stick-built" houses, but potentially better looking and more sustainable. 

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Unknown said...

Wow! What a crock! I didn't know that all modular homes are the same and 2000% better.