Tuesday, February 23, 2021

This Isn’t A Housing Crisis, It’s A Mindset Crisis

New Zealand has a housing problem just like most countries including the US. As with any problem, one of the first things you need to do before finding a solution is identifying why it's a problem. A New Zealander discusses the problem's root cause.

New Zealand needs more houses.

Yet despite the simplicity of that goal, it's been impossible to keep up with demand. This problem has persisted through both National and Labour Governments – several of each. As much as we might tinker around with the demand side of the equation, putting LVR restrictions up and down and tweaking interest rates, the gravity of the problem clearly lies with the supply side and our mindsets.

Other countries like Germany and Switzerland manage to supply sufficient numbers of warm, dry homes for their people, at the same prices as 1970 (inflation-adjusted) so why can't we? It’s partly because this isn't just a housing crisis – it's a mindset crisis. New Zealanders keep clinging tenaciously to outdated ideas that are wildly unhelpful and have been for five decades.

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