Thursday, March 18, 2021

CA City Pre-Approves Auxiliary Dwelling Unit Designs But Are They Modular Friendly?

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, residents struggled to get plans approved to rebuild their homes. Coming to the rescue, after quite a long time, were local and state agencies with preapproved home plans. The only problem was nobody asked the modular housing industry's input in those designs and many of them were not modular friendly.

It took quite some time until the state added some preapproved modular plans but by that time local planning and code offices were catching up with the demand for plan approvals. 

Now Auburn, a city in California has come up with a portfolio of preapproved ADU plans. Auburn Building Official Jon May shared schematics of three different-sized preapproved ADUs at the Auburn City Council meeting last week. May shared that the purpose of the program is to provide applicants an expedited, effective means to obtain ADU permits for the lowest cost possible. The program provides several designs and sizes of preapproved ADU plans at no cost to applicants.

Jon May shared that the program would save applicants design costs, which could cost thousands of dollars. He also estimated the program would save residents months of time, as well as the designs, are ready to go and the city review time would be minimal.

There are three sizes of ADUs in the design phase: 496 square feet, 599 square feet and 749 square feet. The design of each footprint incorporates multiple elevations and styles.

The question the modular housing industry should be asking is 

"Are these pre-approved as site-built only or have modular ADUs also been approved?"

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