Monday, March 8, 2021

CA Modular Factory Builds Homes in the Million Dollar Plus Range

While not all their homes are $1,000,000, they don't shy away from working with those customers that want them.

California-based Connect Homes specializes in prefabricated houses. While this isn't a new concept, prefabrication is increasingly being considered a potential solution to our housing crisis.

Unlike other prefab modular home makers, Connect Homes builds its units the same way Apple creates its phones and Tesla manufactures its vehicles: by "understanding every stakeholder and every piece along the journey," Greg Leung, Connect Homes' CEO.

Greg Leung, CEO, Connect Homes

"Imagine you were to approach building a house the way Apple would approach building a product … from an end-to-end standpoint," Leung explained. "By thinking about it from that standpoint, you're able to optimize and make decisions that allow the entire thing to work seamlessly for the end consumer, and for [the process] to actually run efficiently and effectively."

For prefab homes makers, this execution could be the difference between being a niche home builder or a "game-changer" that could replace "traditional construction in many use cases," Leung said.

And for Connect Homes, the goal is to become a key national home builder.

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