Monday, March 15, 2021

Let me Introduce One of Modcoach Connects' Consultants - Scott Peterson

I am proud to introduce you to one of the consultants on Modcoach Connects. Scott Peterson is a Modular Consultant with expertise in Third Party Inspection Agencies

Fresh off an Iowa farm, I began this Life’s journey in a mobile home plant in California over 35 years ago. I have spent time building, designing, drawing, inspecting, managing, and auditing all kinds of shapes, sizes, heights, widths, types, and occupancies of the Modular Building world. The majority of my career has been spent on the regulatory side of the industry, having spent time in both the Third-Party Agency (TPA) and Municipal worlds. Navigating the requirements of the Authority Having Jurisdiction’s (AHJ) adopted codes, regulations, and rules can be an “opportunity” that doesn’t need to be frustrating.

The education of a Manufacturer’s personnel is the singular most important priority for not only the Manufacturer, but for the TPA and AHJ as well. That continuing education, through the TPA’s daily audits and in-house training seminars, comes with great rewards, from lower production costs and fewer service requests in the field, to higher customer satisfaction and great AHJ confidence. The relationship between the Manufacturer, the TPA, and the AHJ can be symbiotic in nature while still maintaining the TPA’s independent status and oversight responsibilities to the AHJ. Nobody wants to build or receive a non-compliant structure; it’s bad for business for all parties involved. While the TPA answers to the AHJ, all of the AHJs want to have a safe and compliant building in their jurisdiction for their citizens.

Let’s figure it out together.

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Scott Peterson said...

Thanks for the introduction, Coach! I enjoy reading your news articles every morning during the morning preparations. One of these days, we need to catch up with each other and finally meet in person.