Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Modcoach's MC100 Modular Carriers Available for Spring

Every modular factory is ramping up production to meet the pent-up demand for affordable housing, medical modules, commercial, apartment, and single-family residences. Here is one of my latest MC100 carriers available right now.

Chassis 60ft , 12'wide
22,500 lb axles with air brakes qty 2
Load Rating 40,000 lb
215/75/17.5  16ply tires
Running lights, tail lights, strobe lights and reflective tape
Chassis is 2021 MC-100
Running gear 2017 VC-2000  less then 10,000 miles on it 
FOB Cedar City, Ut

I have secured a large carrier and chassis fabricator that can handle just about anything a modular factory can produce for shipment. If your factory is ready to look for new carriers, I have them.

Our basic carrier is the MC-100

These are some of the options you can choose with the MC-100 Chassis

Options: - Outriggers - Hydraulic Lift System - Tie Down Ratchets - Running Lights and Tail Lights - Reflective Tape - Axle and Tire Upgrade - Custom length (up to 76')

Base price for Standard MC100 carriers is less than $19,000 each FOB in minimum quantities of 10. Carriers will be shipped stacked 5 high with new tires and wheels shipped directly to your factory.

How to get a Quote:

Simply choose what length carriers you need, up to 76’, choose any options you would like to add, then send them to me and I will work with my fabricator who will contact you directly with any questions they have and your quote. This is the best way to streamline the process.

I have also arranged a leasing program with a lender that specializes in transportation financing such as train cars, airplanes, trucks and now carriers. Contact me at for more information.

Whether you are looking for carriers for your new modular factory or replacing your aging fleet, you need to get your “request for quote” to me quickly. Post OCVID-19 will make having carriers a very important part of your success.

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