Sunday, April 18, 2021

Modcoach Connects' Consultant of the Week - Ken Semler

Ken Semler is a Modular Consultant with Modcoach Connects with expertise in ADA, Aging in Place, Freelance Industry Writer.

Ken Semler

I provide strategic vision and leadership to a nationwide construction company that exploits hybrid modular building techniques. I am passionate about this industry, our company, and the products we provide. Modern modular construction provides the ability to deliver healthy and energy-efficient living and workspaces. By building indoors, quality and precision construction can be provided at a superior value.

Impresa Modular Franchising launched in the 2nd half of 2019. The residential modular construction industry’s growth has been stifled because of the lack of builder support and training in this fast-paced industry segment. is where qualified individuals interested in the off-site modular home building industry can leverage the proven marketing systems, business systems and building systems of Impresa Modular to join and succeed in this exploding market!

I am a licensed/registered home builder/general contractor in almost every state in the country. We utilize modern modular construction to deliver custom homes, doctors’ offices, educational facilities, and assisted living facilities nationwide. I launched (founded as to become the industry’s first internet-based nationwide custom home builder. My efforts have culminated in a nationwide network of 20+ factories that permits us to reach each and every state along with an expert sales consulting team to support each territory.

We provide modular additions and have a product line of additions and cottages focused on senior and disability care at This product is an extension of our current business that specifically helps family caregivers keep family members in or near their homes.

Specialties: Interactive presentations and workshops about modular construction; Coaching and consulting with individual home buyers/project owners; Partner support and training. See for more.

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