Thursday, May 13, 2021

California Developer Chooses Modular Construction

Stepping outside the box of traditional on-site construction, this developer of many big projects is going to use modular construction on their newest project.

Developer Relevant Group established itself in Hollywood with hotel and hospitality projects like the Dream Hotel, but it has now turned its sights to a modular multifamily housing development in Downtown LA.

The roughly 330-unit project would rise on a parking lot at Third and Spring streets, with 37 of the units designated very-low-income housing; the 2020 income limit for a very-low-income family of two is approximately $45K. The 15-story building's average unit will measure 500 SF. 

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Relevant Group Managing Partner Grant King said the smaller units and the modular construction, which involves using prefabricating units or parts of units off-site and assembling them on the development site, will go a long way toward developing a product that is more affordable to the average person.

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Russ Ward said...

Looks like a great project. California has embraced modular more than other states. We will see more and more modular as it is the best alternative in most projects.