Monday, May 3, 2021

Drywall Joint Compound in Short Supply

Who would have thought the lowly bucket of joint compound with the green lid would be another casualty of rising prices and shortages. It's one of those things you just expect to always be there.

After doing some research I found a chat room talking about this very subject. Here are some of the comments from it:

"Anyone else hearing about a mud shortage across the southeast? I’m in GA and I’m hearing we can’t get latex because the ice storms that hit Texas shut down 3 large latex plants creating a shortage?"

"I'm in the Detroit area, and selections have been a bit iffy at best."

"Same in Minnesota. Was told there are 45 latex plants throughout Texas. Only 15 are operational. Suppliers are not receiving their orders and are severely limiting sales to only regular customers. Minimum of 3 months supply shortage."

"I was told to expect slim pickings through the month of April. I hope this doesn’t last long. I’m sure the price of mud will skyrocket because of all this."

"I ordered 40 buckets of green top joint compound, got 3. Told I should switch to fast-set as they didn't know if they would have much regular coming into the warehouse."

If this wasn't such a serious problem, it would almost be laughable. A shortage of drywall mud is not something that comes to mind that could slow down the entire modular and off-site industry.

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