Friday, May 28, 2021

Net Zero Housing Attainable with These Continually Improving Technologies

Net-Zero has been the goal for many new home builders and now the current administration is pushing all builders to work toward that goal. Modular home factories have always been inherently green and energy-efficient simply by the way they are built. Here are five technologies that will help modular builders take what their factory already does and then get even closer to Net-Zero.

Building envelopes

Half of a building’s energy use may be due to heat loss through the building envelope so having a high-performance building envelope is a necessity for reducing energy consumption. While the envelope must control the exchange of vapor, heat, moisture, and air with the surrounding environment, the heat and air barriers are the keys to achieving energy efficiency. Learn more

Heat pumps

Traditionally, furnaces and boilers have burned fossil fuels to heat building interiors or to provide hot water. In order to avoid the resulting carbon emissions, an alternate source of heating is required. Air source heat pumps are the leading alternative. Learn more

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Solar panels

When thinking about achieving net-zero buildings, renewable power generation is part of the equation. Usually, this means roof-top solar photovoltaic systems. These systems generate low voltage DC power from sunlight and use a power inverter to convert that into alternating current electricity that can be used by the building’s existing systems. Learn more


Smart sensors enable active systems that can help reduce the energy consumption of a building. These can include smart lighting sensors that set the light level in a room and thermostats that set the temperature in a room based on occupancy. Learn more

Battery Storage

While the first application for battery storage that may come to mind is to provide power when the sun isn’t shining, its role in a renewable energy future extends beyond that one.

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