Wednesday, May 19, 2021

New Modular Housing Factory to Open in Virginia

It's almost a regular occurrence to hear that a new modular construction factory is opening West of the Mississippi but when a MidWest modular factory decides to open a factory in the MidAtlantic area, now that is news.

indieDwell, a modular manufacturer plans to establish its first East Coast facility in Newport News, VA. Headquartered in Idaho, indieDwell turns recycled shipping containers into small homes with one to four bedrooms to help solve the affordable housing crisis. It recently opened its second factory in Colorado.

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It currently has facilities in Idaho and Colorado, with plans to expand to other states, building factories in areas that have low to moderate-income rates and a need for affordable housing.

CLICK HERE to read the entire Virginia Business article

Modcoach Note: Their website says they do not build single-family homes, ADUs or container homes. 

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