Wednesday, May 12, 2021

New Zealand's VOLO Modular Homes Favored by Developers

New Zealand has always liked modular homes that don't look like the traditional single-family homes we normally see in the US. The more simplistic and modern lines are favored by NZ developers as well.

Five custom-built homes nearing completion will be showcased as part of a new estate 15 minutes from the Gold Coast.

Manufactured by Volo Modular Homes in Yatala in a matter of weeks, the homes are 2,100 sq ft, offer stunning views and are four bedrooms and two bathrooms, making them suitable for families.

The five homes are on sloped land and offer mountain views. They are centrally located, minutes from a shopping center and grocery store, restaurants and a selection of schools.

Volo specializes in building on difficult blocks from sloped or narrow land as each home is customizable and can be designed especially for the land.

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