Friday, May 21, 2021

Shortages of These Products Hinders Construction Industry

Depending on what country your construction business operates in, you think you have it tougher sourcing and acquiring enough materials than anyone else. That's simply not the case as shortages are hitting everyone, no matter where your construction business is located.

This article from Construction News highlights the five building materials in short supply, not only in their native UK but also around the world.


Last month’s CLC construction product availability statement said timber remained among the “worst affected product areas” for the construction industry.


Bagged cement (equal to around 18 percent of all cement sales in the UK), shortages were first seen in February continue, partly due to an increase in demand as the industry began to open up following the lockdown.

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Global demand for steel is outstripping supply. As availability has dropped, prices have increased. According to BEIS, the price of fabricated structural steel was up 17.6 percent higher by March 2021 than the previous year.


Official data has shown that infrastructure was the first sector to exceed pre-pandemic output levels. This has led to more demand for aggregates.


A CLC report in April said plastic products were facing supply problems due to increased global demand and factory closures outside of the UK. Raw material shortages have also limited the production of polyethylene and polypropylene plastics.

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