Sunday, May 9, 2021

The New Boxabl Factory is Going up in Vegas, Baby!

The new factory is located in North Las Vegas NV. It is a 170,000ft building that is projected to be capable of putting out one house every 90 minutes! Currently, the building is up and Boxabl is finishing up interior fit-out. The company expects to move in and start putting out houses within a few months. 

Boxabl's first order is to deliver 156 houses to the USA federal government!

The company solved the shipping problem that has limited modular construction. Boxabls room modules fold up to a highway-legal load so they can ship to the site at a lower cost. After they solved the shipping problem they moved on to innovate in other areas like the building materials and manufacturing processes. 

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These are not stick frame houses. They use all new building materials that Boxabl thinks are compatible with automobile-style mass production. Boxabl expects its buildings to be stronger and more energy-efficient than anything else on the market. 

Although Boxabl envisions a building system where multiple room modules stack and connect to create any building type anywhere on the planet, their first product is the "Casita" a 20x20 studio apartment designed for the growing accessory dwelling unit market in California.

Boxabl is currently raising money from investors at In just 5 days after launching, they raised over $2m and expect to sell out fast!

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