Thursday, May 27, 2021

Z Modular Ups Their Game

Staying ahead of the curve in the world of modular construction means a lot of research and money. 

When Zekelman Industries announced the launch of its Z Modular facility in Arizona in 2019, the company had a goal to build steel-framed, volumetric, modular building units to 1/16-in. tolerance and deliver them fast, without cost overruns. And the firm had most of the ingredients it needed to reach that goal.

The Arizona facility—Z Mod’s third—would be producing 90% of the raw materials needed for construction, including the steel (Zekelman’s specialty), so timelines were mostly under the company’s control. And it had a knowledgeable team in place.

The plan was eventually to rely on automation to deliver the speed required to take the company over the top. But Matt Miller, Z Mod’s Chandler plant manager, wanted to establish that speed even before the automation came online. “Not only that,” said Miller, “but there were also the usual factors that are just a part of modular construction, including the need to fixture for an infinite number of size variations.”

Miller realized a modular fixturing system made sense for Z Modular’s high-mix/low-volume production. “I knew we needed a modular system, because we build so many different assemblies with different dimensions,” he explained. “We needed something that was flexible so we could move the tooling around quickly and easily.”

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Miller reached out to Bluco Senior Application Engineer Todd Bennett, who told Miller something he was hoping to hear: Bluco had done this before. The company had fixtured not only Z Mod’s Texas plant, but another modular construction facility located near Bluco in Naperville, Ill. Miller visited Bluco’s on-site Validation Center and the modular construction facility nearby, where he was able to see similar systems in action.

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